6 ERGOSPIN+ in 12 months


The partnership between Forplan and Rolf Hänggi AG Stanztechnik – Umformtechnik exists since more than 10 years. A complete new concept of vibratory finishing technology matured in this period in many trials and practical tests.

In the last 12 months, Forplan installed six ERGOSPIN+ at our partner Hänggi and integrated them in the production process successfully. This generated a big additional benefit to Pascal Hänggi, the CEO of the company. These are in particular:

  • Elimination of operating errors by selecting the recipes automatically via Barcode scanner
  • Connection to the ERP-system with clear traceability
  • High equipment availability 24/7
  • Complete new equipment and user guidance with improvement of working ergonomics
  • Avoidance of part damages and improvement of product quality at the same time
  • Operating several lines at the same time and thus cost reductions
  • Reaching complete new surface qualities and processing results
  • More flexibility in processing products with a high complexity
  • Storage of recipes for securing the repeatability of the processes


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