Dip Spin Coating Lines

Dip Spin Coating Lines

Dip spin coating systems serve for the coating of mass goods in an efficient way, which are dipped in liquid coating materials either in baskets or racks depending on the range of parts. 

Subsequent to the dipping process, the excess coating material is spun off carefully. Afterwards ensues the drying resp. curing of the applied coating material, either in centrifuges or batch resp. continuous ovens depending on the application.

The modular design of our coating lines offers the possibility to add components at any time. Forplan attaches great importance to latest control systems, robust design and continual improvement!

In addition to conventional single basket coating lines, our portfolio does also include a 2-basket-coating line, the "FORPLANET"!

The "FORPLANET" is our latest development, a 2-basket-planetary system, which offers significant and unprecedented advantages in regard of coating quality and coating material consumption to our customers:

  • Less coating material consumption - up to 30 % less in comparison to conventional coating systems
  • Much better coating quality (coating thickness & coating weigh
  • Higher turnover of coating material
  • Short and constant cycle times, irrespective of the range of parts
  • Only a few different coating recipes needed
  • Much faster payback of the investment